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Learn how you can get ready for the race with courses from Time To Run. Be prepared. Spark change. And get ready to take action.

Inclusive Language

In order to reach diverse audiences, you must be mindful and use inclusive language. Jennifer Ball, language researcher, takes you through the benefits of using inclusive language in your campaign.

How To Fundraise

Coming to YouTube soon.

How It Works

Politics is all about collaboration. Time To Run is no different. Each video we produce begins with our ambassadors and ends with our future leaders.
"I created this Inclusive Language by partnering with , which provided a source of inspiration, animation, and production values I could not have acquired on my own.Time To Run feels like a family of like-minded individuals who want to provide role models for the world in order to produce future role models, all of whom use data, equity, and kindness as guiding principles." - Jennifer Ball, Language Researcher

You have an idea. We have the team to make that idea come to life. Take your years of research and experience and sponsor your knowledge in a beautifully animated video for future leaders to access from all across the country. Its more important now than ever that we share our knowledge and resources with minority and multicultural students so they can help shape the generation of the future.

"With Time To Run you learn from qualified experts on how to incorporate these tactics into your campaign." - Phuc Nguyen, Political Director

Everything we do, we do to help prepare our upcoming generation of multicultural leaders without all the extra fluff. Our ambassadors go through an intensive overview following data and trends to ensure that their content is right for our viewers.

"Ensuring that we're delivering fun and easy to digest content is something we're constantly thinking about during production." - Mili Saliu, Creative Director

During production we are always making sure our courses are keeping things consistent, comprehendible, and entertaining to watch – taking often-complicated and hard-to-understand concepts and turning them into a detailed plan-of-action for achieving candidacy and beyond. Learn all there is to know when it comes to running for office with our civic leadership, future candidate, and candidate courses.

"Serving young people is how we evolve the future leaders of tomorrow. Our videos showcase all the essential information without overload." - Abby McDonough, Finance Director

When trying to reach younger generations its imporant to push the information where their attention lies. With channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and right here on our site, we're doing all we can to make this information available and accessible to the young people who need it most.

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