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Board Members

Time To Run is committed to educating multicultural, multiracial, and underrepresented groups of young people on how to run for office.

Randy McDonough

Dr. Randy McDonough is Professor of Pharmacy Management and Innovation at
Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy and co-owner of Towncrest, Solon Towncrest, and Towncrest Compounding Pharmacies. He is also co-founder/co- owner of Innovative Pharmacy Solutions. He oversees Towncrest Pharmacy’s clinical services including MTM services, nursing home consulting, wellness
screenings, immunizations, and adherence services. He is responsible for development, implementation, and quality assurance for all aspects of the clinic and services. He is board certified in geriatrics and as a pharmacotherapy specialist. His areas of interest include community-based outcomes research, pharmaceutical education, geriatrics, disease state management, student development, and the development of patient care initiatives in the community pharmacy setting.

Dr. McDonough has published and presented extensively on the subject of pharmaceutical care and MTM in the community pharmacy setting. In particular he is recognized for his efforts in developing and implementing patient care services. He has co-authored a book on pharmaceutical care and has written chapters for several other texts. He has presented nationally and internationally on
pharmaceutical care, MTM services and Performance Measures in the community
pharmacy setting. More recently, two papers have been published that highlight his
work in developing and implementing a new workflow process that emphasizes the
role of community pharmacists of ensuring that patients are achieving their therapeutic outcomes with safe and effective medications. This led to a pilot program with the largest payer in the state of Iowa and resulted in Towncrest Pharmacy saving the payer $300.00 per member per month in total health care costs.

Randy is a member of the American Pharmacists Association, National Community Pharmacists Association, American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists, American College of Clinical Pharmacy, and the Iowa Pharmacists Association. He has served in various roles in these organizations. He has been recognized nationally for his work and he has received
the APhA Daniel B. Smith Award, NCPA Independent Pharmacist of the Year, IPA
Innovative Pharmacist of the Year, and Parata’s Lifetime Achievement and Entrepreneurial Pharmacist of the Year Awards. He is currently on the Board of Trustees with the American Pharmacists Association.

Jennifer Ball

Jennifer Ball is a language researcher focused on bias. She is on the board of TimeToRun.org in order to facilitate the empowerment of people of all cultures to run for office in order equalize opportunities. As a researcher of Chinese, Ancient Egyptian, Sumerian, Hebrew, and more, Jennifer knows that associating color with good and evil is at least a 5,000-years’ old practice that needs to stop because the visual spectrum does not confer morality. The elevation of whiteness and devaluation of darkness is a global bias that reinforces stereotypes. Police targets need to stop portraying a silhouette of a dark image on a white background; the White House needs to be repainted more equitably; the Washington Post needs to stop writing “Democracy Dies in Darkness” because these flawed ideologies are all based upon biased clichés that map darkness as a moral opposite to lightness when, in fact, these shades are simply wavelengths that have no relationship to ethics or virtue.

Jennifer and her research partner Xu Chao have created the first Hanzi substructure search engine, www.HanziFinder.com. Jennifer and her translator Maggie Li have together published two novels in China based upon Jennifer’s previously published novels, Higher Math and Catalyst. Jennifer has taught 453 Chinese college students English in Suzhou, China at Soochow University. Jennifer can speak Mandarin as well as read and type simplified Hanzi. She has given away 600 free helmets in China in an effort to elevate the need for safety. Jennifer also gives talks about Inclusive Language. Her websites are www.OriginOfAlphabet.com and www.Fingerpuppetsrock.com.

Jennifer Rourke

Jennifer Rourke is a cofounder of the Rhode Island Political Cooperative and a leader in Rhode Island’s progressive electoral movement. As a champion for reproductive rights, Jen was a key organizer for the Reproductive Privacy Act and the Doula Reimbursement Act. She sits on the board of the Womxn Project and is the vice-chair of the RI Democratic Women’s Caucus and the chair of the Advisory Committee for Black Lives Matter RI PAC.  

Jennifer resides in Warwick with her husband, a veteran, and four kids, who are her reason for running for office.